2016 Outlook

2016 Outlook

I am a full stack developer currently configuring infrastructure as code with Terraform. I have recently focused my attention on Operations. My goal is to work towards repeatable infrastructure, continuous integration, and delivery.

I work full time at a tech shop called Runtriz. My role includes Project Management, Lead Developer and DevOps. Currently, my time is mostly spent in DevOps. My tasks include building docker containers, syncing development and production environments and using terraform to easily maintain a global infrastructure.

At University of Southern California, I studied Business with a focus in Entrepreneurship. My business venture required an ecommerce site to sell snowboarding clothes. At the time, the prebuilt ecommerce products were limited, so I decided to build the ecommerce from scratch. This led my career path to software.

I enjoy software development because it can simplify life. It can be a simple script to automate data backups or a complicated ecommerce website. Technology is moving fast with computers, phones, tablets, tvs, watches, etc. All these products need to be told what to do and I enjoy telling them what to do.

In my free time, I hack on small arm computers like the Raspberry Pi 2. Devices like these allow us to design software that meets our personal needs. For example, I use my Pi 2 as a video player that iterates through my media content like a channel.

Software development is a big part of my life. I am inspired by the growing community and see the future with people writing code rather than downloading apps. My future will include helping others start their coding journey, consulting and running business ventures. I am happy to be a part of an era that gets to code their life and cannot wait to see what we do next.

Best way to get in contact with me is to tweet me @mrazdean.