2019 Serverless Wins for sure

2019 Serverless Wins for sure

In 2019, I am excited to fully leverage Serverless.

I have experienced the benefits from moving dedicated servers to managed services. Managed Services eliminated the late night calls and hours of scripting to ensure server resilience. And services like Kubernetes and AWS ECS make it easier to launch immutable code with zero downtime.

As the Managed Services, help with sleep, Serverless will help put focus on implementing and growing the business.

Instead of having to think about how to provisioning and automating deployments for each business opportunity, you can follow a set of opinions laid out by the service provider. This allow for great third party tools like Service Framework.

The initial cost is one of the most attractive reasons to utilize Serverless. The free tiers and pay as you go model works well when trying to start an idea. Instead of having to pay upfront you can launch new business initiatives and only pay when there is product market fit.

Today, I only deploy new ideas with Serverless, because of:

  • Cost
  • Business Focus
  • Sleep