Product School - How to Scale as an Entrepreneur by CreditKarma Dir. of Product

Product School - How to Scale as an Entrepreneur by CreditKarma Dir. of Product


Meetup hosted by Product School

Rory Joyce started as a Product Manager (PM) at the company he founded. He is now at Credit Karma as the director of product collaborating with many other PMs. He discussed his experience in the many areas of PM. Theses areas include:

  • Product Strategy
  • Experimentation
  • User Research
  • Communication
  • Partnership

Product Strategy starts off as a drunken walk to market fit, then hyper growth and scaling. Theses cycles of PM are interesting as the can happen again with in a cycle. You can be scaling one product and launching another having to start the drunken walk all over again to find market fit.

During the iteration, you will always feel product market fit when it happens. The strategy requires identifying the user problem and crafting a solution that drives business. This process start with a thesis that needs to get validated. Key performance indicators (KPI) are set to measure success that allows for understanding market fit. KPIs can be metrics that tie to revenue. Using these metrics to iterate and validate can lead to market fit.

Experimentation help explore concepts and validate features. You need to try many different things that should be on opposite spectrums. For example, if you test UI/UX changes you need to go 3 times difference. Don’t just change the color of a button.

User research requires getting outside and forming your point of view. Interviews, surveys and usability studies will all contribute to understanding the user.

Communication is the most import skill for a PM. You need to be clear consistent and compelling.

PMs must build trust with peers and foster productive Partnerships with engineers, UI/UX, marketers, analysts and stakeholders. The PM must be optimistic, show empathy and be open minded.

Figure out what energizes you because PM has many ups and downs so you better work on something you love doing.

Thank you Rory Joyce on sharing your experiences and the Product School for organizing the meetup.